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In-Office Laboratory

In-Office Laboratory

Accurate lab results are crucial to patient care. Our experienced medical technology staff has over 50 years of cumulative clinical experience.

The benefits of In-Office Laboratory testing include:

• The prompt receipt and the capability to directly evaluate specimens, improves the efficiency of the physician patient encounter. Treatment plans can be established or modified in a timely fashion.
• The convenience, for patients to have all tests performed at the time of their office visit and at one facility.
• Individuals with acute symptoms can be evaluated more effectively.
• Appropriate office testing can be cost effective, reducing the number of return visits and saving travel time.
• The expertise of the Rheumatologist ensures better laboratory support in areas such as synovial fluid analysis, sedimentation rate determination and rheumatoid factor testing.

Our laboratory maintains the highest standards with a commitment to quality, accuracy and performance. Our Laboratory is both CLIA certified and accredited by COLA.

For more information on our In-Office Laboratory, feel free to contact our office directly at 516-295-4481

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